An ultimate solution for the iGaming and the gambling industry from Blackcatcard

Chief Technical Officer

May 23, 2023
3 min

At Blackcatcard, we have created a state-of-the-art payment gateway. Any online business can use it; however, our experience working with regulated industries gives us unique advantages for integrating with iGaming, betting, and crypto companies. How exactly does it work, and what are the benefits for your business? Let’s discover!

An alternative to classic card acquiring

Our payment gateway is based on intra-bank transfers. It's a cost-efficient alternative to card acquiring. Technically, when making a purchase, the client does not use a payment card, but direct deposits from the bank account. This payment type can be finalized almost immediately.

Another crucial feature is the lack of obligatory deposits that often take place with payment providers. With Blackcatcard, the money is delivered directly from the consumer to the business, and vice versa. This also helps us to provide a significant benefit - we do not charge our clients a settlement fee.

These payment transfers work for clients from almost every jurisdiction – so you can expand your business globally!

Additionally, we have joined forces with Manerio UAB. This company operates throughout Europe to offer a comprehensive one-stop fiat and crypto solution through Blackcatcard. Our clients can now benefit from an interface that unites traditional currency (euro) and cryptocurrencies*.

Experience with regulated industries

The issuer of Blackcatcard, Papaya Ltd., is based in Malta. Historically, a large number of betting, gambling, and crypto companies have settled in this country. Moreover, the business environment and infrastructure for such projects have been developing there, so the regulation is well formed. As a result, Malta has a very positive attitude towards regulated businesses.

It allows us to give certain benefits to our clients. First of all, there are no limited MCCs. MCC, or a Merchant Category Code – is a four-digit code used to classify businesses by industry or by goods and services they provide. Many traditional acquirers and financial institutions tend to consider certain categories limited. For the iGaming industry, it means that some transactions may be blocked automatically, and users just cannot make payments.

At the same time, Blackcatcard’s solution does not use traditional acquiring; thus there is no MCC limitation.

Another issue that can be crucial for companies in iGaming industry is chargeback. In classical banking, it’s mostly a good thing, as it protects the customer. It occurs when a customer disputes a transaction, and the bank reverses it. It can happen for various reasons, such as fraud or goods and services not being delivered as expected. Chargebacks are common in traditional banks, and the process is straightforward.

However, in industries like gambling and iGaming, chargebacks can be a significant issue. Gambling transactions often involve multiple parties, and it can be difficult to determine whether the transaction was legitimate or not. Players can use this loophole to have a chargeback on authorized transactions. This results in many online gambling companies experiencing high numbers of chargebacks, which can significantly impact their revenue and profitability.

With Blackcatcartd’s payment solution, there is no risk of chargeback for iGaming businesses, due to the account-to-account nature of the payments without payment cards being involved.

Increase in customer loyalty

With all these benefits, companies using Blackcatcard’s payment solution enjoy higher customer trust. Clients can be sure their accounts will not be banned for gambling transactions. This trust turns into consistent purchasing ability, which leads to an increased retention rate.

And then, when trust is established, your clients can discover additional benefits that Blackcatcard provides: cashback for the replenishment of the gaming account, bonuses for playing on a gambling platform, additional bonus for withdrawals from the casino to Blackcatcard account, and other percs.

Blackcatcard is not just a mass product for spontaneous users, like card acquiring. This is a tool for retaining and improving the quality of current customers, a combination of competitive offers for new players, and for a gambling project, while being a qualified assistant with expertise in the banking, tax, financial and cryptocurrency industries.

With that said, Blackcatcard also offers gambling projects an opportunity to earn on the players’ activities with the partner program. The casino may get up to 50% of their custumers rewards gained with Blackcatcard.

If you want to know more about our payment solution? Visit this page and get in contact with our managers!

*An integrated crypto exchange and custodial crypto wallets are provided by our partner Manerio UAB. You can find more information here.


Why is a payment solution from Blackcatcard beneficial for iGaming businesses?

-To put it shortly: immediate transactions in euro, integrated cryptocurrencies*, no MCC limitation, no chargeback, no settlement fee. And many fun bonuses to top it up!

Why is there no MCC limitation?

There are no payment cards involved in Blackcatcard’s solution. Additionally, Blackcatcard operates under Maltese jurisdiction, which is very loyal to regulated industries.

How can I integrate Blackcatcard’s payment solution?

Visit this page, leave your contact details – and our manager will get in touch with you!

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