Fast, convenient and secure online banking for teenagers is available with the Blackcatcard

Feb 19, 2023
6 min

Nowadays, neobanking has become a trend among youngsters in Europe. Bitkom Research carried out an investigation of 1,003 German adults aged 18 and over to find out more about their views on smartphone banks. Their results showed that around 38% of the youth between 18-29 years old are open-minded towards these new banking options.

You may ask how old do you have to be to get a prepaid card? Actually, 16 years old and above.

Modern banking solutions are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers of this age due to their convenience, technology, speed and accessibility from a mobile device - all of which millennials find invaluable in today's fast-paced world.

Are the usual banking options available for teenagers?

This is a popular question among users: can you get a prepaid card under 18? With Blackcatcard, 16+ years old users have access to all services of an online bank without the hassle. Open an IBAN account and order a payment card completely for free - no need for long trips to your local branch, waiting in line or filling out endless paperwork! You also get speedy service at any time from anywhere - it can't be beaten!

Young users 16 y.o. and above have the extraordinary ability to order multiple physical cards at once, and on top of that they can choose any name printed on any additional card - even "Batman!". This feature allows them to stand out among their peers in a unique way. They can show their self-determination by creating different cards with distinct nicknames each day, just like they would do when changing phone cases!

Is there anything better than classic banking?

Losing a card can be incredibly daunting, especially for teens; however, with our app they no longer need to panic. With just the touch of a button, their cards can be frozen or blocked in seconds and funds will be saved.

What about fun?

Additionally, ordering and receiving a new card is much faster than having to go into the bank again - saving their valuable time! Our live customer service team is also available via chat when it’s needed to answer any questions - as we know teenagers often prefer this communication method rather than speaking over the phone or visiting an office.

With Blackcatcard teenagers can instantly access virtual cards upon opening an account and start using them in a flash! In addition, plastic cards are easy to order for those who prefer tangible payment methods.

Are there bonuses for online shopping?

All Blackcatcard users can now save big on their entertainment purchases from Google Play with a generous 5% cashback, and when making necessary goods purchases on Amazon, they are eligible for up to 50 euros / per month in 2% cashback. This great bonus is the perfect way to stretch your family budget!

Are these all the benefits of the service?

Teenagers can enjoy the same privileges as all other Blackcatcard users, with an up to 4% per annum reward for using their card! The user also has flexibility in choosing which bonus program best suits them; from cashback on purchases at Google Play and Amazon to the annual rate of up to 4%. To find out more about these unique rewards and benefits, click here:

How to top up a bank account?

With Blackcatcard, teenagers are able to accept payments from external accounts without incurring any fees. Furthermore, their parents can easily top up their children's account cost-free from the Blackcatcard side with no transaction limits! Additionally, incoming SEPA payments are absolutely free.

Want to enjoy the benefits of your Blackcatcard with friends? Here's how to do it!

With Blackcatcard, young users can invite their friends to open an account in no time at all. Not only is it free and easy to transfer money between each other using this service, but they can also use the funds for things like ordering a pizza to share with one another!

As a side hustle, they can also gain some money by referring friends. A user just needs to share their referral code to a friend, and a friend has to register with it. When registered, a friend gets 5 euro welcome bonus of real money credited to their account, and if the mentioned friend spends 1000 within 2 months (though it’s a somewhat huge amount for a teenager, perhaps this card can be used to pay for some parents’ needs), he/she gets 40 euro bonus, while the promo code holder gets 35 euros too. Though, the invitee should be an EEA resident as a cognition for this program, as well as for obtaining a payment card.

What about pocket money?

Moreover, each month, teens may withdraw up to 200 euros in cash from ATMs across the EU without incurring any extra costs. This is plenty for pocket money and can be a great addition to many family budgets! In addition to free account opening, card issuance and service as well as cashback - this fee-free withdrawal offer of up to 200 euros is both very helpful and essential.

Thinking about financial planning?

For the younger user, establishing a daily and monthly spending limits allows them to foster financial planning skills early on as well as successfully control their budget. This not only facilitates teenaged fiscal autonomy but is also safe and secure.

What about security?

In addition to its excellent profitability options, Blackcatcard is issued by Papaya Ltd., a company regulated and licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) with C55146 registration number. This means that Blackcatcard complies with all EU regulations and provides customers with secure banking in accordance with online banking requirements.

What about the family budget?

By becoming a client of the Blackcatcard, both parents and children over 16 years old can easily order their own cards and collaborate in managing the family budget without experiencing any hassle. Forget long queues, tiresome paperwork or frustrating bureaucracy - you won't need to step foot into a bank! Get started quickly and conveniently with Blackcatcard today.


Can I open my own account at 16?

Of course. At Blackcatcard from the age of 16 you can open your IBAN account, with all the benefits and services available to any individual client over 18 years old, with the only exception of the crypto service.

Can my 16 year old child open a bank account without me?

In accordance with Maltese regulations, any person who has turned 16 can open the account without the need for parental or adult approval or accompaniment. A teenager will get an IBAN, a plastic and virtual card (only for EEA residents), SEPA transfers and other benefits. There is a service that's only available for people older than 18 - a crypto service, provided by our partner Manerio UAB.

What are the features of a prepaid card?

The prepaid card works for all types of payments, both in physical stores and on websites. You can even receive incredible cashback of up to 5% for the purchases you make with your card!

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