How to buy and sell cryptocurrency via mobile banking account?

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Dec 14, 2022
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Using a crypto wallet & fiat account by Blackcatcard

There are several approaches to buying and selling cryptocurrencies through mobile banking accounts and financial applications. Below, you will find the simplest way to do it using Blackcatcard.

Note that Blackcatcard has both minimum and maximum amounts for transfers in each type of cryptocurrency, as you can see in the table below. There are also daily and monthly limits to selling or to buying crypto assets, €2000 per day and €10000 per month. On the positive side, all internal transactions are free.

How to buy cryptocurrency with SEPA

The Single Euro payments Area system makes it easy for customers to make cashless payments in Euros through the existing direct debit and credit transfer infrastructures to a recipient anywhere in the EU and several non-EU countries.

How do I buy cryptocurrency with SEPA?

To buy cryptocurrency with SEPA you’ll first need to set your Blackcatcard account to make and accept payments as part of the SEPA network. Luckily, this can be accomplished fast and easily and then, you can start to receive your SEPA transfers immediately.

First, look at your Blackcatcard account overview, as shown here.

Next, open the Crypto Service tab, to see your crypto wallet dashboard. Select the type of crypto you’d like to deal in. In this case, we’ve chosen Tether (USTD).

Choose the crypto and / or fiat currencies you want to buy, as shown here.

Confirm that you wish to make the purchase by clicking ‘confirm’ at the bottom of the screen. Note that exchange rates fluctuate from minute to minute, so you will only have a limited time to buy or sell at the quoted rate. If the timer runs out, you will have to initiate a new purchase or sale, and this might be at an updated exchange rate.

Then simply click ‘next’ to move on to a new task. This should take you back to your list of crypto & fiat wallets.


How do I convert SEPA to crypto?

The easiest method is to simply buy your chosen type of crypto with the euros in your fiat wallet, once it has been set up to work with the SEPA network.

What bank accounts can I transfer euros from under SEPA?

You can only transfer Euros under SEPA if it is from an account in your own name. Transfers from crypto exchanges that aren’t specifically listed may not be possible.

How long does a SEPA transfer of Euros take?

Sometimes just a few minutes, but it can sometimes take as many as 5 days to complete the transfer. The first time you transfer funds into the account will almost always take the longest, as everything must be verified at every step.

What could be stopping my transfer from happening?

These are the most common issues:

— You attempted to initiate a transfer from a payment processing company rather than a bank;
— You attempted to transfer funds form outside the SEPA network, or from a non-supported crypto exchange;
— You sent the funds from an account whose name does not fully match the name on your Blackcatcard (or other) account;
— You sent the funds from a joint account, rather than an account with a single named user.

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