How to open an account with Blackcatcard

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Sep 5, 2023
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One of the objectives of neobanks is to make the interface of their platforms as user-friendly as possible. Each action and operation must be easy to understand so that a customer can perform it autonomously.

In any case, users' questions must be answered promptly and accurately. And of course, our commitment to you is to fulfill these tasks in order to enhance your user experience. This time we bring you a guide on how to easily open an IBAN account at Blackcatcard, without leaving home, just from your PC through our website. As you will see, it is very simple. So, let's get started!

Basic information

1 - To begin with, you must give us some very basic information – your date of birth and country of residence. We ask you to be very careful and honest at this point! The country you indicate here must be the same country you will indicate later during the verification of your place of residence, for which you must submit a document such as Proof of Address (PoA). All services of our fintech ecosystem (account, cards, transfers, crypto service and vouchers) are available to all EU residents over 18 years old. EU residents above 16, but under 18, do not have access to the crypto service. Outside the EU IBAN accounts and crypto service are available, but not virtual and plastic cards. It should be noted that due to current EU restrictions, we do not open accounts for residents of some countries, including Russia and Belarus.

Phone number and email address

2 - Enter your phone number to receive an SMS code that confirms that this is really your number.

3 - In the same way, indicate your email address.

Promo code - after the third step you have the opportunity to use a promo code. 

One of the ways to get a promocode is through our referral reward program. There are other ways to receive promo codes, stay tuned to our news on social media to know all about it.

Name and place of birth

4 - Then you will have to give us your full name as it appears on your ID and passport. Keep in mind that you must use only letters of the Latin alphabet without special characters. We know that your written name may have special characteristics specific to each alphabet, such as a tittle (Á, é, í, ó, ú), letters ñ, ç, è, ô, ë, œ, among others. In this case our system will automatically replace these symbols to basic Latin, for example Jéssica - Jessica; Müller - Muller; Léo - Leo; João - Joao.

5 - Then select in which country and city you were born.

Country of residence and residence adress

6 - Next you need to choose your country of residence and tell us your zip code. Remember! You will need to prove this to us with your PoA.

7 - At this point you have to give us more details about your place of residence, i.e. city and address – street, house number, apartment. And pay attention, you need to write it exactly like it’s noted on your bank statement or utility bill, but not like you remember it or write on other platforms just like you prefer. It’s necessary, because on the very next step we will require you to provide us with the Proof of address (PoA.) More information about PoA and why it’s so important you can find here 

8 - It is time to prove that your data is true. In this step you will see the information you previously provided and upload your Proof of Address. There are many options that serve as PoA, surely you have one at hand, for example: utility bill; bank statement; certificate of residence or official letter (issued by municipal authorities); tax return.

It is important that the information in the PoA is exactly the same as you indicated in the previous steps. If something is different, you can go back to the previous steps to correct what is necessary. The only difference allowed is the presence of special characters in the PoA, which you must replace in our platform with Latin alphabet analogues, as is the case with the names.

Citizenship and ID number

9 - Now you must enter your national ID number. Depending on the jurisdiction that issues it, it is usually on your national ID or passport.

Name on the card and delivery

10 - In this step you will select your name indicated on the card.

You must also provide us with the delivery address, which can be the same as your home address. If it is different you must enter the new information. In this case the address does not need to be verified. Remember, we ship your card anywhere in the world where there are no restrictions on postal exchanges with the EU. Here you will have the opportunity to choose the type of shipping. This can be free (can take one to two weeks) or express shipping (takes 3-4 days in the EU for a cost of 26 Euros).

Employment status and account usage

11 - After that you will tell us a little bit about your employment status, your country and area of work and approximate income in one year.

12 - We always like to understand how you are going to use your IBAN account opened with us, in order to make the service more personalized and to update our rewards programs. For example, we have set up 5 SEPA transfers per month free of charge for our customers. That is why we ask you to tell us how many transactions (SEPA transfers, cash withdrawals, cryptocurrency trading) you think you will make on average per month. This information is an approximation and will not be relevant to our users if it differs from what happens later.

Politically exposed person, tax residency 

13 - In the next step you will say if you are a politically exposed person - PEP. If you have not heard this term, you are most likely not in this category. A PEP is a person with a prominent position in some state body, for example a minister, deputy, director, judge or representative of high courts. Those who are relatives in the first and second degree of consanguinity, i.e. wife and husband, children, brothers and sisters, grandparents and grandchildren, must also indicate their relationship with a PEP.

If you are a PEP or have a relationship with a PEP, you must submit a Proof of Wealth, in other words, any official document that confirms your income. It should be noted that the document cannot be older than 3 months at the time of registration.

14 - You will then have to tell us which country you are a tax resident of and your tax identification number. If you are a tax resident in several countries, you must provide this information for each country. If you wish to do this after registration, it is possible. You have 4 weeks to provide us with this information via email or support chat. It is extremely important that you do it before the deadline, otherwise your account will be closed! Please find more information on Tax ID here.

15 - As a very simple additional step you only have to tell us if you are a US tax resident or not. One click, in any case, will be enough.

Identity verification

16 - We are getting closer to the end! Now you must declare that you will be the sole beneficiary of the IBAN Blackcatcard account you will open and that all the information you submitted is truthful and can be used according to the conditions of our neobank.

Additionally, you must indicate if you have a golden visa from Malta or Cyprus. If so, it is necessary to provide a Proof of Wealth, only in this case you will send it by email or support chat.

17 - Now get ready. At this point you will need to take a selfie and take a picture of your ID to prove your identity. If you are registering on our website from your smartphone, you can click on the corresponding button and take the photos directly with your phone's camera. If you register from the Blackcatcard app, when you click on the button to take the selfie and ID photo you will be redirected to the smartphone browser to perform this step. If you do it from the computer, you can use the PC camera or scan a QR code with your smartphone and take the photos from the phone browser.

After the registration is completed

18 - That's all! After completing all the previous steps your application will be in review status. At this point you will only have to wait to receive a decision via email and SMS. Therefore register with an email address to which you always have access. The decision may be: the account was opened; additional information is required. This could happen if you filled up the registration form with some incorrect information like if the address is not matching the PoA, or if you have a golden visa from Malta or Cyprus; or if your country of residence is different from the country of which you are a citizen.

19 - If your country of citizenship is different from your country of residence, we will send you a letter requesting a residence permit, long-term visa, refugee certificate or similar document to prove your residency.

When you access your recently opened account for the first time, you must click on "Sign In" and enter the phone number you provided when you registered. You will receive an SMS with the code you must enter to access your account. Immediately after logging in you will have to create a 6-digit PIN code. This will be your new personal and private code, do not share it with anyone! With it you will be able to access your account, from any platform (Blackcatcard app or web page on PC or smartphone), and confirm all the purchases you make online, including cryptocurrencies, and outgoing SEPA transfers.

Now you know exactly how to register with Blackcatcard to open your account. In case of doubts, our support team will always be available to help you not only  during your registration, but also in every subsequent operation you will perform from your account.


Is it hard to open an account with Blackcatcard?

No, it is not. In fact in a few minutes you can complete all the steps to register and open your IBAN account with us.

Who do I contact if I have any doubts?

You can write to our support chat at any time, even if you are not registered.

Is there any cost to open an IBAN account with Blackcatcard?

No. Opening an account with Blackcatcard is totally free for individual customers.

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