Mastercard's European Privileges Portfolio opens its doors to Blackcatcard clients

Chief Marketing Officer

Aug 3, 2023
3 min

Blackcatcard’s clients, holders of Mastercard payment cards, are now able to enjoy Mastercard's European Privileges Portfolio. This program allows access to unique offers and discounts from major merchants with global recognition. So get ready to go shopping or plan your next trip! And we are here to explain all the details.

What is the Mastercard's European Privileges Portfolio and who is it available to?

Mastercard's European Privileges Portfolio is renowned for its exceptional selection of exclusive offers, tailored experiences, and premium benefits. Blackcatcard’s users now have access to an even more diverse and enticing range of rewards for, ensuring they enjoy a truly elevated and personalized payment experience.

Of course, all our Blackcatcard clients with Mastercard payment cards will have access to all the offers from most of the merchants that are part of the program. For example, all our users will be able to buy with 10-15% discount their favorite clothes and accessories in stores such as adidas, all sole, Zalando, Zavvi, YOOX among others. In the Wellbeing sector they will find offers with 15% to 25% discounts on brands such as Garmin and Fiit, among others. As for Beauty, LOOKFANTASTIC, GLOSSYBOX, and Mankind have offers with up to 20% off. And if you want to travel, Hertz, easyJet,, and Royal Caribbean have discounts of 10-15% on their services.

Program’s partners provide various options of bonus retrieval. It can be a universal code, a request for a personal code, a link to receive a discount and other question. To find out how to recieve bonuse, you need to select a specific country and a specific merchant. You can find detailed information here.

How to make the most of merchants' offers and how beneficial can they be?

These offers are exclusive, so all our clients can now shop at their favorite brand stores and travel services at truly unique prices. To do so, you should check here the validity and availability of the offer according to the Mastercard you have. It is worth noting that most of the offers will be available throughout 2023, so you will have plenty of time to explore and take full advantage of the benefits of this Privileges Portfolio.

Frequent travelers will find savings of 82 Euros on average on Hotels. E-commerce purchases in general show an average savings of 17 Euros. As for the car rental segment, it is possible to save an average of 55 Euros.

If we look at the figures, 114 million Mastercard holders benefited from this program in 2022, an incredible 660% increase compared to 2021; while merchants had sales revenue of around 28 million Euros. Thanks to Mastercard's European Privileges Portfolio in 2022, consumers saved overall around 3.6 million Euros.

Of course, joining this benefit program not only demonstrates the constant strengthening of our bond with Mastercard, which generates more and more trust in our online banking, but it is also a way to open new horizons for our Blackcatcard users, so that they can make the most of their money through our financial products. In this regard, our CTO, Oleg Cernisevs assures that “this important inclusion to the Mastercard program aims to create additional value for our users to make Blackcatcard the payment instrument of choice”


What is Mastercard's European Privileges Portfolio?

It is a benefit program for all Mastercard franchise cardholders in Europe. This exclusive group includes all our Blackcatcard clients.

What kind of benefits can I receive under this program?

You can receive unique discounts for purchases at some of the world's most recognized brands in the Shopping, Beauty, Travel and Wellbeing sectors.

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