Navigating the Valentine's Day Gift Catalog with Blackcatcard: A Guide to Thoughtful and Affordable Presents

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Feb 8, 2024
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Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love and affection, is rapidly approaching, and couples worldwide are eagerly searching for the perfect gifts to express their feelings. If you're among those in love or enjoy giving presents on this special day, you might be facing the challenge of finding memorable yet budget-friendly gifts. In this article, we provide tips on leveraging your Blackcatcard to make Valentine's Day gift shopping an unforgettable experience. But first, let's delve into the intriguing history of this romantic celebration.

The Origin of Valentine’s Day

In fact, the origins of Saint Valentine’s day are a matter of debate. According to the earliest traditions, many consider it to be closely related to the Roman festival of Lupercalia, celebrated in mid-February. This pagan festival dedicated to the Roman god of fertility, Lupercus, included rites where men and women were paired off through a "matchmaking lottery."

However, as mentioned earlier, the origins are at least controversial. From a Christian tradition, it is said that at the end of the 5th century Pope Gelasius I abolished the pagan festival of Lupercalia and replaced it with St. Valentine's Day. This feast in principle had no romantic connotation but was in honor of one of the three martyrs named Valentin, who was clergyman that ministered to persecuted christians and was executed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II Gothicus in the mid-third century. The emperor had forbidden young men to marry, believing that single men made better soldiers. However, Valentine defied this order and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret.

Another legend suggests that Valentine, while imprisoned, healed the jailer's blind daughter and before his execution, sent her a note signed "from your Valentine," thus giving rise to the tradition of sending love notes or valentines.

Although the origins are controversial, it wasn't until the 14th century, inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer's poetry, that Valentine's Day became associated with love and the exchange of valentines. Today, it's celebrated globally, with gift exchanges playing a significant role in expressing emotions.

Choosing the Best Gift with Mastercard European Privileges Portfolio 

Back in the 21st century, if you still haven't decided what to buy, or don't even know where to start looking, don't worry, you still have plenty of time. We recommend you to explore the Mastercard European Privileges Portfolio available at Blackcatcard, a program offering exclusive benefits and discounts from renowned merchants. One of the advantages of this exclusive program for our Blackcatcard customers is that they do not need to meet any special requirements to access it. Just by being our customers with our card, which is a Mastercard franchise, they automatically acquire access to this portfolio.

With unique deals in three key sectors – Shopping, Wellbeing, and Travel – you can find ideal gifts for your loved ones. Consider the following options:

  1. Shopping: Without a doubt, clothing, technology, and home appliances are always a great option for a gift. In the privileges portfolio's shopping catalog you can find discounts on these articles from such brands, as Allbirds, Electrolux, Pour Les Femmes, YOOX, among others.
  2. Wellbeing: Giving wellbeing products as a gift shows how much we care and love our partner. If you are interested in this type of articles, you can avail unique deals on fitness products and personal health articles from Fiit, Garmin and Philips.
  3. Travel: The preferred option for many who wish to share an adventure or a romantic experience with their loved one - traveling. In this sector, you can benefit from special offers on travel platforms, car rentals, theme parks, and exclusive shopping destinations, for example Hertz, easyJet, Royal Caribbean International,, and more.

These significant offers provide relief to your budget during peak shopping seasons when prices tend to rise due to increased demand. The European Privileges Portfolio has been quite a great ally, with 34 million customers benefiting from it in 2023, saving an estimated total of €3.9 million – in average €182 of savings in hotel stays; €53 in car hire; and €39 in Ecommerce purchases.

Combining and Making The Most of Blackcatcard Loyalty Programs

Remember, you can always combine the Mastercard European Privileges Portfolio with our loyalty programs*. Have you made up your mind and are ready to make your Valentine's Day purchase? Activating our 0.5% cashback on all card purchases can be a great way to maximize your funds.

You haven’t decided yet what to give on February 14? Then, keep your money in your Blackcatcard account before you make your decision. This way you will earn up to 4% p.a. Reward on the account balance, a useful passive income compounded daily.

Marketplaces for Additional Savings

For those who prefer shopping in marketplaces, we offer cashback programs on two major platforms. On one hand, you can get 2% Cashback on all purchases made on Amazon, adding an extra incentive if you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift there. On the other hand, you can activate the 5% Cashback on Google Play Market, providing additional savings for those who love exclusive apps, books, movies, and more available content. For sure, you can find a great gift here as well.

This Valentine's Day, we invite all couples to explore a world of exclusive offers and unique savings and enjoy the most with your loved ones. Make this Valentine's Day unforgettable with the joy of giving thoughtful presents that reflect your love and appreciation.

*The rewards are provided by Baltic Technology Solutions OÜ. More details here.


What to give on Valentine's Day at the best price?

Take a look at the Mastercard European Privileges Portfolio. There you can find exclusive offers on products that fit perfect as gifts, from technology and appliances to travel and unforgettable experiences.

What is the origin of Valentine's Day?

There are different theories about it. For example, some traditions associate it with an ancient Roman festival known as Lupercalia, while more Christian traditions associate it with the feast of the martyr Valentine.

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