Our bet on the Blackcatcard and Binance Pay tandem: A seamless crypto-to-fiat experience

Chief Marketing Officer

Dec 19, 2023
3 min

The fintech industry has long led significant efforts to create seamless bridges between the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and the well-known banking sector. In order to get closer to this objective, at Blackcatcard we greatly value the joint work of our strategic allies, which has undoubtedly allowed us to develop and continue to aspire to sustained growth. 

Thanks to this perspective, hand in hand with Binance – the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, today we can bring to all our customers an innovative solution to convert their cryptocurrencies into Euros, transferring them from a Binance wallet to a Blackcatcard account.

The scope of the partnership

Binance, with a worldwide customer base of more than 160 million users and daily trading volumes of around $65 billion, has long been a driving force in the cryptocurrency space. Launched in 2017, in about half a year it grew exponentially to become the world's largest crypto exchange. After several years of accelerated development in the crypto world, Binance recognizes the need to provide a fiat feature for its customers. This is why it has sought and now finds in our online banking service an opportunity to offer its users a new fiat solution. Our modern banking service at Blackcatcard seamlessly combines the banking with the innovations of the digital age.

Swap your assets at Binance Pay for euros and make the most of our benefits

The core of this partnership lies in the possibility for Binance users to directly top up their Blackcatcard accounts with euros using their Binance cryptocurrency assets. Customers are eligible for as much as up to 1000 USDT per top-up, providing flexibility and convenience.

This integration will benefit a large number of users globally considering that USDT, available on the crypto service in Blackcatcard's fintech ecosystem*, is a widely used reference crypto asset on Binance.

This development opens up a world of possibilities for Binance users who wish to cash their cryptocurrencies and take advantage of all the benefits of Blackcatcard banking. With these funds converted to Euros in their Blackcatcard accounts, they can use an IBAN account and easily make unlimited SEPA transfers, enjoy multiple payment cards, as well as access a wide range of other financial services. For example, they can receive significant rewards such as 4% per annum on the monthly account balance or various cashbacks**.

This is a truly successful convergence between the world of cryptocurrencies and our innovative fintech, which offers unprecedented financial freedom and convenience. Additional information about this new feature can be found here.

How does it work?

Getting started with this innovative feature is incredibly easy. Our customers just log into the Blackcatcard application, link their Blackcatcard account to their Binance account, and after a series of simple steps, they can take advantage of the full potential of this integration.

As Binance and Blackcatcard join forces, we're set to redefine the boundaries of modern banking. Our customers can look forward to a financial experience that's not only secure but also incredibly user-friendly. It is also worth mentioning that withdrawals will cost you absolutely nothing but only until 12.02. So hurry up to get the most out of it!

Blackcatcard IBAN account top-up with a client's Binance balance involves the appliance of Binance Pay service. You can find more information about Binance Pay here
*An integrated crypto exchange and custodial crypto wallets are provided by our partner Manerio UAB. You can find more information here.
**The rewards are provided by Baltic Technology Solutions OÜ. More details here.


What do I need to be able to convert my cryptocurrencies into Euros through this integration?

You only need an active IBAN account at Blackcatcard and one at Binance. If you don't have either or both, you can open an account on the digital platforms of both companies completely online and at no cost to individuals.

Is there any limit for transfers?

In each transaction you can transfer up to 1 000 USDT from your Binance cryptocurrency wallet to your Blackcatcard account.

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