Safe and convenient purchases with virtual cards

Jun 5, 2023
6 min

Nowadays, shopping online is, in many cases, more common than shopping in physical stores, that's why at Blackcatcard we wanted to make this process a simple, comfortable, convenient and secure experience for all our clients who have virtual cards!

Advantages of virtual cards for making online payments

It is possible that many still use their plastic card for any type of purchase on websites, payment of services, top-ups on sports betting sites, among other things. In the case of physical stores, everything seems to be simpler, especially if contactless payment terminals are used. On the other hand, with web pages we are obliged to put all our payment card details, yes, ALL of them! Holder's name, card number, expiration date and security code.

In fact, those who pay for everything online with the same card, without knowing it, are running a great risk.  To maintain a certain level of convenience for their payments, they are leaving their data on many different sites, increasing the possibility of falling into the trap of sites dedicated to phishing. And... What is phishing? Basically it is a form of scamming, in which websites are developed that appear to be legitimate and secure, offering products or services, but in reality they are dedicated to attract users to steal their card information and then take money from their accounts. These may for example, offer clothing, airline tickets, etc. Sometimes they are very good imitations of well-known brand pages, which can confuse anyone.

In other cases, even when shopping on "secure" sites, we run a small risk if one of those sites is hacked, as all customer information would be exposed. And yes, it's not something that happens every day, but it's not impossible. We have probably all heard that government sites, official databases and other pages have been hacked at some point.

To be realistic, if we have not been victims of similar scams, it does not mean that there is not a certain risk every time we want to try new online stores or services. Even when suddenly making a lot of purchases, some financial institutions may block their clients' cards if they detect "suspicious" transactions made with them, which makes it impossible for the user to have access to his or her own funds.

To overcome these difficulties at Blackcatcard we have decided to take the use of our cards and the security itself to another level. That's why our clients, both individual and corporate, get a totally free virtual card instantly after opening a Blakcatcard account, and a plastic one that can be sent to any part of the world. Depending on jurisdiction and company type, for corporate clients, there is a very competitive cost for issuing the plastic card and a very competitive maintenance fee. And for individuals the main cards have no maintenance fee. For individuals, the main cards have no maintenance fees. The virtual card is ideal for secure online shopping, as it is possible to set daily and monthly limits. If we are not sure about a website, we set a limit so that, in case of a scam, no one can access more money than we have budgeted to spend on that page. We can also use this card to pay monthly or annual subscriptions to services, such as phone services, entertainment platforms, television, Internet, etc.

Of course, in order to improve the conditions for our users, our possibilities go much further. Our individual clients can order as many additional virtual cards as they wish, for only 7 Euros each and a monthly maintenance fee of 2 Euros regardless of the number of additional cards. This is a great advantage, since it is possible to have many cards for different types of payments, purchases or subscriptions. A limit can be set for each card, if we do not want all our funds to be spent on one website for one reason or another. For example, if we want to pay for a streaming platform, whose monthly fee is 10 Euros, we set just that amount as the monthly limit, and use the other cards for other expenses.

In addition, if our users are suspicious of any website, they can block a specific virtual card instantly with a single click on our web page or the Blackcatcard app, and then request a new one. In this way they can continue to use the other cards they have, so their money will always remain available to be used.

Additional cards with credit-card grade

It should also be noted that there are certain services that can only be paid using a credit card, such as hotels, car rentals, etc. There are even more specialized services that require a credit card, such as Google or Facebook subscriptions. In this case our users found a great alternative at Blackcatcard, since they can request additional plastic cards, with the same costs as the virtual ones for individual clients.

The advantage of these additional plastic cards is that they have a credit-card grade. In other words, without offering credit products, such as overdrafts or loans, these cards function at the same grade as credit cards, which is why they are accepted by services such as those already mentioned. Of course, like the virtual ones, having several additional plastic cards raises the level of security during purchases, in case these are lost or used on different websites, since it is possible to set a spending limit for each one or block them with a click if necessary.

Therefore, with these additional virtual and plastic cards, Blackcatcard users have full control of their resources and can make online payments and purchases anywhere with a high level of security and the confidence that comes with our online banking.


Can I pay on websites with Blackcatcard?

Of course you can. All our users can use both virtual and plastic cards for their online purchases. However, to increase the level of security, we recommend using several additional cards if online purchases on new websites are frequent.

Are virtual cards better than plastic cards?

It depends. Virtual cards are ideal for online purchases and payments, while plastic cards are more suitable for payments in physical establishments.

Can I order additional cards at Blackcatcard at any time?

Yes, both virtual and physical cards. The virtual cards will be issued instantly, while the plastic cards will arrive at the indicated address in a very short time. You can request as many cards as you need.

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