Spooktacular Opportunity: Your Halloween Favourite Hero Can Get His Own Bank Card

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Oct 27, 2023
3 min

October is a month awaited by many, children and adults alike. The fun horror atmosphere, the tricks, the candy, the parties. Halloween is a tradition that transcends borders and ages.

Surely many of you spend the whole month thinking about what costume to wear on the expected October 31. Are you leaning towards the trendy character or the one that has been your favourite all your life to celebrate this holiday with your friends? What if we tell you that at Blackcatcard we can help you surprise them?

Get carried away by the festive Halloween atmosphere and personalize your card

Do you like heroes or villains? The choice is yours. Thanks to Blackcatcard you can take advantage of the Halloween atmosphere and bring your favourite character to your Blackcatcard.

This October you have a great opportunity to combine your costume with your card to bring to reality the hero or villain of your choice for Halloween - Batman, the Joker, Wonder Woman, Black Widow? And if you want to keep it simple, no costumes or hard to play characters, you can adopt the secret or real identity of your favourite character, to become Bruce Wayne, Natasha Romanoff, Sherlock Holmes, Diana Prince or Ethan Hunt.

How to get your character's name on your card?

The process is much simpler than you might think. First of all you must have a Blackcatcard account. Opening an account with us is very simple, you just have to enter our app or website and register. Registration and account opening is 100% online, fast and totally free.

Once you have activated your account you will receive two types of cards, a virtual one instantly and a plastic one, which will arrive in a matter of days to any address in the world that you indicate.

When you have gone through these stages, you can request additional cards from your mobile device or PC on our app or website, which you can fully customize to your liking with the name you want to appear on them. Each additional card costs 7 euros, and those personalized with the name of your choice cost a total of 12 euros. You can have as many additional cards as you wish for a small maintenance fee of 2 Euros per month.

And remember! Thanks to our loyalty program, you have the option to receive a 0.1% cashback on every purchase made with a Blackcatcard or an outstanding 2% cashback on Amazon*, ideal at this time of year to buy everything you need to prepare the party.

The power is in your hands with Blackcatcard! Embrace the spooky Halloween spirit and let your favourite character make a guest appearance on your card. So whether you're a caped crusader or a mischievous mastermind, Blackcatcard has got you covered. Unleash your inner character and cash in on the Halloween fun!

That's why you are all invited to this Halloween party with amazing rewards. Choose your best character for All Hallows' Eve and bring it to reality together with your Blackcatcard.

*The rewards are provided by FINTECH ASSETS OÜ. More details here.


What are the costs of this Blackcatcard service?

Registering and opening an IBAN account with Blackcatcard is completely free, as well as obtaining the main virtual and plastic card. Issuing an additional card costs 7 Euros and with a personalized name a total of 12 euros. A fixed maintenance fee of 2 Euros is charged for all additional cards you own.

What name can I select?

Any name you wish. The only requirement is that the name must not be offensive, discriminatory or in any way hurt the susceptibility of others.

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