Teaching Kids About Money: Empowering Parents with Effective Strategies

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Jul 25, 2023
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Teaching kids about money and helping them develop responsible financial habits from an early age is so important in today's world. Parents have a real opportunity to empower children with the skills they'll need to navigate the complex financial landscape they'll encounter as grown-ups. In this article, we'll explore some effective strategies for teaching children about money management and shine a spotlight on Blackcatcard’s family-oriented banking products that can really help in this learning process.

Strategies for Teaching Money Management to Kids

Financial education for children goes beyond just managing their pocket money. It actually lays the groundwork for their future financial well-being. When we teach children money management skills from an early age, we're giving them the tools to make informed decisions, set achievable goals, and develop good financial habits. And you know what? It's not only about money. It's about nurturing essential life skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to delay gratification.

To help kids learn about money, parents can try out different practical strategies. One idea is to introduce the concept of allowance and help them make a budget. By giving children an allowance and guiding them through budgeting, parents can teach them how to manage money, plan ahead, and decide what's most important to spend on.

Another approach is to highlight the importance of savings and goal setting. Teaching kids to save money from an early age helps them grasp the idea of waiting for rewards and develops discipline in managing their finances. By setting achievable financial goals, we can inspire children to find purpose and responsibility in handling their money.

Teaching children about spending wisely is also super important. When parents guide them to make informed decisions and tell them the difference between needs and wants, it empowers kids to be smart shoppers. This way, they can avoid making impulse buys and learn to manage their money responsibly.

Blackcatcard’s Banking Products for Families

When it comes to teaching kids about money, family-oriented banking products can play a significant role. For your teenage kids older than 16, you can issue their own Blackcatcard’s cards! Blackcatcard offers a hassle-free online banking experience for users aged 16 and above. They can enjoy access to all services without the inconvenience of traditional banking. Opening of an IBAN account and ordering a first payment card come absolutely free of charge.  No more tedious trips to your local branch, waiting in line, or dealing with endless paperwork! You can find more details here.

Another great way to keep all the spending under one roof is our family-grade cards. You can set up all the necessary limits – and make sure the money is spent wisely. Find more info on our additional cards options here.

Furthermore, with Blackcatcard, you can have 5 free SEPA transfers a month – it’s usually enough not only to transfer money to kids but also for other needs. But if you need more - you'll only pay € 0.20 for each transfer! And should you or your children need cash – you can pick up to 200 euro free of commission. According to our data, it’s usually enough as pocket money.

And last but not least – you can teach your children that spending money can sometimes also bring money. With Blackcatcard*, you can get cashback on entertainment (Google Play) and shopping (Amazon).

*The bonus payment is a part of the loyalty program provided by Baltic Technology Solutions OÜ. Detailed terms and conditions can be found here.


Can a 16+ years old person open a Blackcatcard account?

Of course. At Blackcatcard, from the age of 16, you can open your IBAN account, with all the benefits and services available to any individual client over 18 years old, with the only exception of the crypto service.

Do parents have control over their teenage child’s account?

In accordance with Maltese regulations, under which Blackcatcard is regulated, any person who has turned 16 can open the account without the need for parental or adult approval or accompaniment. Thus it is a separate independent account, and parents have no official control over it.

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