The new Blackcatcard payment cards have new visual designs and extended features

Mar 31, 2023
6 min

In a new chapter of innovation within our fintech ecosystem we have started to issue new types of payment cards. These helpful and versatile improvements have both visual and functional aspects.

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What is this all about?

The renovation of our cards is taking place in parallel with a general update of Mastercard. In this context, we took the opportunity to improve the aesthetic and functional features of our payment cards. First of all, they now have new visual design elements both for individuals and corporate clients, which make them more attractive.

With a revamped look, the cards perfectly combine more elegant dark colors, which contrast in an exceptional way with the turquoise eyes of our most representative cats. The purpose of our team is to empower our users in every possible way, that's why we decided to give this new touch to their cards, so they can feel identified with a fresh and sophisticated image, capable of captivating anyone who sees this new model. Naturally, the appeal is transmitted through a whole sensory experience. In addition to visual aspects, the cards have a new tactile design. To give them a more elegant style, we eliminated the relief on their surface, making them more pleasant to the touch.

Many of you must be thinking about your own security and wondering, "Do I want to have all eyes on my card?". With the new Blackcatcard cards the answer is "yes!". The cards now carry your security number and code on the back, allowing you to keep this important information out of sight and focus everyone's attention on the attractive and modern model.

On the other hand, the functionality of the cards is a key component for the users. After all, with the help of the cards they can use their money during any kind of purchase or payment for a service. Therefore the cards issued by our neobank have been upgraded to function as credit cards. What does this mean? If we make a quick comparison of debit cards vs credit cards, we will realize that debit cards are not always convenient for certain types of payments. In fact, in some cases they are simply not accepted, because a credit card is required. On the other hand, our new credit-grade payment cards can be used for important payments, such as renting a car, booking a hotel room, or paying for a digital platform needed for work. It should be noted that these revamped credit-grade cards do not provide access to any credit products or services and do not allow you to obtain an overdraft.

Sounds attractive, doesn't it?

And these new credit-grade cards with new design are already available to individuals as additional ones, and corporate clients can receive such a card both as additional and main ones.

A look at the new designs

It is important to note that all cards have characteristics that differentiate them from each other according to the type of card holder. In other words, just as our users are unique, so are their cards.

If there is one element that perfectly describes entrepreneurs, it is their strong character. That's why our corporate clients can receive their new main card with the design of a particular and imposing feline, resembling a panther. Its penetrating and determined gaze inspires respect and accurately represents the spirit of businessmen.

Individuals who get this new design will find that their cat is similar to the current design, but with dazzling turquoise eyes. They can order their new cards as additional ones just for 7 euros per card and only 2 euros monthly maintenance fee for all additional cards ordered.

Having additional cards is a great advantage for our Blackcatcard clients. First of all, this is a wonderful way to plan the family budget according to the type of expenses. In this case the new designs of the family style and children's style cards are ideal for differentiating the types of spending, as well as giving extra aesthetic appeal. The family style cards have the revamped features of the card for individuals. Of course children's design cards must have a special touch. That's why the classic, small and friendly cat of the previous model evolved into a larger, more natural and dynamic one.

Furthermore, additional cards can be personalized with a particular name that the holder desires. For example they can use a childhood nickname, a nickname that their family uses to call them, or perhaps a name that reflects their personality.

Undoubtedly the security aspect must be taken into account under all circumstances. That is why the possibility of having additional cards in case of making online purchases in different web pages is highlighted as another advantage. If, for any reason, voluntarily or involuntarily, the data of one card is at risk, it is possible to block only that card, while the others remain 100% functional as credit-grade payment cards.

What about the classic benefits for using the Blackcatcard with this renovation?

User satisfaction is the top priority for our Blackcatcard team. That's why we are maintaining all the benefits we had before the card design upgrade. Both the main virtual and plastic card, as well as the personal IBAN will remain for free. In addition, with Blackcatcard our clients can make up to 5 SEPA transfers per month for free. Likewise, all incoming transfers are free of charge and have no limit.Of course, we know that our clients love the bonus programs offered in our Blakcatcard ecosystem by our partner FINTECH ASSETS OÜ. That is why they will be able to continue to enjoy:

  • up to 4% per annum reward
  • up to 5% cashback for purchases on Google Play
  • up to 2% cashback for purchases on Amazon
  • 0.5% cashback on all card purchases

Individuals can switch the bonus program at any convenient time.

With Blackcatcard all our users can stay at the forefront of financial services, enjoy all the benefits and join us on this path towards the best quality and accessible online and mobile banking.


What are the advantages of the new Blaсkcatcard payment cards?

Our cards have advantages in both aesthetic and functional aspects. The new cards have a renovated and elegant design and can be used as credit-grade cards for any type of purchases, among other features.

Are the new Blackcatcard payment card designs already available?

Yes, the cards can be ordered as main cards for our corporate clients and as additional cards for individuals.

What is mobile banking in Blackcatcard ecosystem?

It is a set of 100% online financial services tailored for our individual and corporate clients.

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