What is a mobile bank account?

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Jan 11, 2023
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I mean, we all have some idea what a mobile bank account is by now, but most of us have a few questions.

In this article, we’ll explore what mobile banking is and how its features released in Blackcatcard app. We’ll also explore how it works by addressing the following:

  • What is mobile banking?
  • What is the difference between online banking and mobile banking?
  • What are the benefits of mobile banking?
  • What is a mobile banking app?

What is mobile banking?

Mobile banking apps allow you to carry out a range of financial transactions – from paying for goods and services to sending money overseas, exchanging fiat currencies and even buying cryptocurrencies – using your phone or mobile device.

What is the difference between online banking and mobile banking?

Mobile banking is performed using a secure app running on your mobile device, not via its browser. By comparison, ‘online banking’ doesn’t necessarily use an app. It could involve you logging into your bank’s website via a browser on any internet capable device. Online banking has some inherent security flaws, which is why most online banking systems require you to verify your identity using a mobile device.

What is a mobile banking app?

A mobile banking app such as Blackcatcard is an app for your smartphone or mobile device which allows you to access various financial services anywhere you have a data or internet connection.

What are the benefits of mobile banking?

There are so many! The top 5, however, are probably:

24 hour a day, 7 day a week access to your money and financial services

You’ll never have to visit a bank branch in person with a mobile solution like Blackcatcard, and it is open as long as you have a data connection! There are, literally, no questions we can’t answer or issues we can’t resolve online. Card issues, opening a new account, any kind of transfers or service – you can do it all with your app!

Imagine not being restricted to your bank’s business hours anymore! Convert fiat currencies to crypto and send money to anyone and at any time, day or night.

The ease with which you can manage your money and finances

Mobile apps like Blackcatcard help you keep track of multiple currencies (fiat & crypto) in separate wallets, make it easy to pay bills and exchange currencies, and much more. Manage accounts, payment cards and crypto services (store, buy and sell), all with your Blackcatcard app.

We understand how important crypto assets are to modern life, and how much more vital they will become in the near future. That’s why we’ve integrated a fully functional, feature-heavy crypto service. Washes borders aside, and convert Euro to Crypto and back again with lowest fees on the market today!

More control over your money and assets

A mobile app like Blackcatcard is practically a magic wand for your finances. You can deposit money anywhere in the world, grant or block access to your accounts or data, or buy a range of different cryptocurrencies. Make SEPA transfers, internal payments or crypto payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We even offer four different bonus programs for you to choose from!

You can even get a fully functional plastic card if you don’t want to rely solely on the app. In fact, order as many cards as you need, and handle your entire family’s expenses from a single account. You can set, track and change spending limits for each individual card (and each cardholder) from the app with a few taps.

Blackcatcard is the perfect alternative to classic banking.

Strong, reliable cybersecurity

Blackcatcard has the latest generation of mobile financial services apps, as well as the strongest privacy and security protections the industry has ever seen. Login requires 2-factor biometrics (face and fingerprint recognition), as well as a PIN entry. All online payments are protected by 3D Secure, but you’ll only need to provide facial or fingerprint ID after login.

And if you lose your card, you can easily block it until it is found or replaced. Your money (and your financial data) has never been safer.

Options tailored to you personally

Old-fashioned banks, even if they offer online banking, are very limited as to the services they can provide – sometimes by regulation but sometimes merely by tradition. If you have changed your name, for example, many traditional banking institutions insist that you continue to use your birth-name for official business. Mobile apps like Blackcatcard tend to be much more sensitive to the changing needs of the younger generations of users. In fact, Blackcatcard is a great way to each your kids control spendings and improve their financial literacy.

For example, Blackcatcard only asks for the minimum personal information and documentation necessary to comply with regulations. We let you show your personality by ordering cards in your nickname or chosen name, rather than your officially recognised name. There are no maintenance fees, plenty of loyalty rewards and cashback offers, and you get a 2,2% rate of return on your account!


OK. So mobile banking is safe. But how safe is it, really?

Very safe indeed. Not only do these apps not store your personal or sensitive data on your phone, they are protected by your phone’s own OS, which tends to be much more up to date than laptop or desktop security.

What is the number one benefit of mobile banking?

Everyone will have a different answer for that, but statistically speaking, most people say it is having access to and control over your finances anywhere in the world, all day and all night.

How could mobile banking optimize my approach to financial maintenance?

That all depends on the way you move money around or do business. The most beloved features of mobile banking apps like Blackcatcard include the ability to receive updates to your accounts, wallets and payments in real time, the ability to make payments, deposits and even by crypto with a few taps, and the ability to review your financial information easily.

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