What is BCC Pay?

BCC Pay is a cutting-edge payment gateway solution for businesses in the gambling and betting industry

With it, payments can be processed rapidly and without any settlement fees or delays

BCC Pay offers businesses a smooth way to accept payments and diversify their product portfolio. It features:

Payment gateway
Crypto and fiat payments
Loyalty program integration

Our cutting-edge solution offers several key benefits tailored to iGaming industry

For you, all these benefits lead to increased retention rates and consistent purchasing ability. You can trust our well-structured regulation and mature AML procedures to secure every transaction

What else do you get?

Payment gateway for payments in euros

You can accept payments and withdraw funds easily and securely, without any settlement fees or delays. Thanks to intrabank transfers, it's perfect for businesses and customers from most jurisdictions. Choose our payment gateway for instant and efficient transactions with minimal hassle

Integrated crypto service

With our unparalleled expertise in the fintech field, we have established solid relationships with leading crypto provider Manerio UAB across Europe. We offer an all-in-one solution for our clients that include both crypto and fiat options. Choose BCC Pay as your trusted partner in fintech-crypto products

Loyalty programs and cashback

We're happy to help our partners to develop a business loyalty program and gain access to our bank's affiliate program. This approach allows our partners to monetize their audience, share marketing costs, and benefit from effective tools for attracting and retaining customers

Want to know more?

Sign up for BCC Pay today and take advantage of all its benefits! Choose BCC Pay as your ultimate payment solution for gambling and betting businesses. Please leave your contact details - and we'll get in touch with you!

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