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Philips domestic appliances

Minimum 15% off domestic appliances

Partner description:

For over 130 years, consumers across the globe have benefited from Philips’ innovation heritage. The iconic brand has inspired loyalty from millions of consumers who have turned their houses into homes

Philips’ engineering, design and innovation capabilities have been embedded into Domestic Appliances. It is this heritage and proven track record in delivering what our consumers want, from kitchen appliances to home care, that has led us to be the most valuable brand in the world across all small domestic appliance brands. Philips’ help people turn houses into homes

Offer description:

  • Mastercard cardholders will receive a minimum of 15% off the discounted sale items listed on the specific partnership page
  • Discounts can vary from time to time and will be increased over key sales periods


Selected products apply. This offer cannot be used on any products other than those found on the partnership page for domestic appliances

Upgrade opportunity:

This offer can be enhanced via co-funded budget. Please contact us for more details

Cardholder Terms & Conditions

  1. Use the bespoke voucher code provided to you on the landing page to redeem the offer
  2. This offer is available for a limited period of time
  3. The voucher excludes shipping costs
  4. Offer is only eligible on specific products listed on the landing pages
  5. The offer value can vary from time to time; however, this will always give a minimum of 15% off
  6. Philips reserves the right to stop and adjust this promotion at any time
  7. Full terms and conditions can be found here
  8. The terms relating to Philips privacy policy can be found here


This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounted offers and/or special promotions

How do cardholders redeem the offer:
Cardholders to visit the bespoke country URL partnership page and enter their unique promocode to redeem the offer

Validity period:
Valid until 31 December 2024

Cardholder eligibility:
All Mastercard Prepaid, Debit, Credit, Business/Corporate cards and Maestro cardholders

Offer availability:
Applies to online orders made on products listed on the specific partnership page, available globally

Market eligibility:
Available to eligible cardholders in select European markets. For a full list of markets visit the terms and conditions page

Issuer/market information:
1. Request the unique market-specific promotional codes from:
[email protected]

2. This offer can be promoted via: a) Campaign codes available to all cardholders per campaign. These codes are valid for 3 months post issue date, or b) Single use voucher codes. These codes are valid for 4 weeks post issue date

Please use the eligible landing pages for your market below:

Market availability:
Please note this offer is available in the following select European markets: Germany (DE), Netherlands (NL), France (FR), Belgium (BE), United Kingdom (UK), Sweden (SE), Italy (IT), Austria (AT), Switzerland (CH), Spain (ES),Denmark (DK), and Norway (NO)

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