A new and the easier way to pay: 3D Secure payment confirmation is now available without One-Time Passwords

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Feb 2, 2023
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Making card payments typically involved having a one-time code sent to your phone via SMS or to your computer via push notification. However, modern companies that follow trends like Blackcatcard have now made it possible for you to make and receive 3D Secure payments by card, online and via app without all that hassle.

What is 3D Secure, what is 3D authentication, and what has changed about 3d secure payments?

What is the world…?

3D stands for ‘3 Domains’. These are the person or business receiving the payment, the card issuer, in this case Blackcatcard, and the 3DS platform itself between those two sides.

Do you still have a question about what 3D Secure payment is? Allright, here we go.

A 3D Secure payment is a transaction that takes place after 3DS platform verifies that you are who you say you are, and have legitimate access to the account you are using.

Thus and so, you confirm that your account was not hacked, and the payment was not made fraudulently.

Let’s trace the history…

Before 1999, there was no standard for payment confirmation. Most of the times, there was no payment confirmation at all. If that sounds like a recipe for fraud, it was. That’s why protection systems like 3D Secure were invented.

The 3DS technology first was developed for the Visa payment system in order to improve the security of online payments, formerly known as ‘Verified by Visa’. Following Visa’s heels, Mastercard adopted services based on this protocol, called Mastercard SecureCode (MSC).

And what is the 3D authentication nowadays? The 3DS platform uses an advanced AI algorithm to judge whether additional safety procedures are necessary for each purchase or transaction you make, or if your card has been verified already for each specific payment.

However, a while ago, to confirm the transaction, you had to use an additional code received outside the bank account to identify yourself before the payment goes through. In the very beginning, it even required using a list of codes that users could get at the ATMs. Later, customers could use a code received via SMS to confirm their payments.

3D secure did work – fraudulent online and ‘card not present’ payments dropped substantially – but they did not disappear.

One of the reasons 3D Secure and ‘old school’ 3-factor identification schemes failed to eliminate fraud is that around 4 in 10 accounts never actually activated SMS verification. Some users felt it was too much trouble, for example. One of the harshest lessons security professionals learn is that if an otherwise perfect system is too inconvenient to use, people simply won’t use it.


However, the state of the art in secure payment technology has changed, and for a few cutting-edge cards, payments have just become a lot simpler. This new approach to payment confirmation requires fewer steps and saves the user a great deal of time.

Are you still with us on the way to get an answer for the question “What is the 3D secure authentication” in 2023?

Following, the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) of the European Union (EU) requires the use of a Strong Consumer Authentication component (SCA) for all online transactions within the EU. In addition, due to the dynamic development of the fintech market, new versions of 3DS appeared one by one, and today the Blackcatcard has already implemented the 3DS 2.2 version. Following the PSD2 and implementing the latest version of the 3DS protocol, Blackcatcard now provides a friendlier and easier way to confirm payments.

The newest wave of customer-friendly payment authentication systems – such as that used by Blackcatcard – is much, much simpler.

When you receive the push notification, tap on it to jump into the app, and confirm the payment. This feature takes advantage of the security features built into the latest generation of phones and mobile devices, including Touch ID, PIN or Face ID.

Isn’t it the best way to protect your accounts without slowing you down or hindering your business?


What is 3d secure authentication?

This is an additional security step required to confirm each transaction made by a user online. The name of this security protocol refers to the "three domains" involved in the transaction: the merchant, the issuing domain and the domain interoperability.

How does 3d secure work?

The Blackcatcard 3d secure protocol is very simple, agile and user-friendly. Every time you make an online transaction, for example a purchase, you will receive a push notification that will take you to the app. There you will be able to confirm the transaction with a click

How to activate 3d secure authentication?

There is no need to activate it, it's already turned on.

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