Be "in the Black" this Black Friday With Your Blackcatcard

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Nov 21, 2023
5 min

Thanksgiving is just weeks away. This means that the time of crazy sales all over the world is coming! How can you get the maximum benefit these days with Blackcatcard?

What do you need to know about Black Friday? 

This tradition of holding sales the day after Thanksgiving, which is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, has been around for over a century. The date may change from November 23 to November 29, but every year the tradition is gaining more and more popularity, not only in the USA but since the 2000s in Europe.

The term Black Friday appeared in the United States more than 50 years ago and meant heavy traffic jams after Thanksgiving. But this term also has another meaning, associated with the American idiom “in the black,” which means “positive balance.” This primarily means that many online and offline stores will make a profit during this time. But we at Blackcatcard help our users to be “in the black'' as well these days.

How to stay “in the black” with Blackcatcard?

Traditionally, Black Friday takes place in offline stores on one day. However, many online stores begin sales dedicated to this day more than a month in advance.

To maximize your shopping experience this Black Friday season, here are some helpful tricks that will help you not only save money but also earn some rewards.

To use the tricks, you need to choose a Blackcatcard loyalty program, provided by our partner Baltic Technology Solutions OÜ*, that you like and your money will make money for you.

So that's how it works.

  1. 0.5% cashback on all card purchases. This program allows you to receive cashback on all purchases online and offline at any shop or on any online marketplace. Just open your app and choose this one and go shopping! 
  1. 2% on Amazon. While Amazon offers impressive discounts during the Black Friday season, you can make extra profit with Blackcatcard. 2% cashback on purchases on Amazon is available to those users who, before paying for an order on the marketplace with a Blackcatcard payment card, have chosen the appropriate loyalty program. Remember that cashback will not be credited if you do not select exactly the program you need in advance.
  2. 5% on Google Play. Not only offline and online stores have sales at this time. Special offers may also be available on Google Play. If you plan to buy a game, pay for a training plan, or buy a book on Google Play at this time, select the appropriate loyalty program in the app in advance.
  3. Mastercard Privilege Portfolio. This program is available to all Blackcatcard cardholders by default. It doesn’t matter which loyalty program you choose - cashback on Amazon or on card purchases - this unique offer is always available to you. This program can be used at any time, but during the Black Friday season it is better to clarify the conditions for applying several discounts at the same time with each individual merchant. To check what discounts and bonuses in your region are available to you, you need to open your mailbox and find an email from Blackcatcard with all the information about this program.

If you're going shopping offline this Black Friday, don't forget your Blackcatcard payment card. And if you suddenly need cash, remember that you are able to withdraw cash at the ATM up to 200 euros per month with no fees at list and you can even get more just for a 1% fee in Europe. 

*The rewards are provided by Baltic Technology Solutions OÜ. More details here.


How can I use the loyalty program?

Before paying for purchases, select the appropriate program in your Blackcatcard app.

If I chosed the program after paying for purchases, will I receive a reward?

No, cashbacks and rewards are awarded only if the selected program is activated before paying for purchases.

How often can I change my loyalty program?

You can change the Blackcatcard loyalty program one time per day. But the reward is accrued for the one that is connected at the end of the month.

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