How to convert money to cryptocurrency?

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Mar 27, 2023
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Blackcatcard app allows you to convert money into crypto in an intuitive, fast and secure way.

The financial market is evolving every day, as consumers seek more and more options for greater flexibility in the use of their funds. As a result of this need, the past decade has seen the boom of cryptocurrencies, assets that have changed the financial world as we know it. However, in the midst of 2023, questions such as “what is a cryptocurrency?” “where and how to convert cash into crypto?” and “what do I want it for?” are still relevant. In this article we will not only answer these questions, but we will also give you the necessary tools to get started in the crypto world!

First of all, most have heard of cryptocurrencies at some point. Many may even confuse the term with Bitcoin, the world's most popular cryptoasset; however, there are many more!

In principle, when we talk about a cryptocurrency, we are referring to an asset with a market value. It has largely the same characteristics of the fiat money we are used to using, indeed, just like those old bills and coins that we keep in our wallet or in the bank and allow us to buy whatever we want. That is, just like traditional money, we can purchase a crypto for a real value on the market, we can keep it in a personal wallet and use it to buy goods and services. And what once seemed a drawback, today is its main strength - it is a fully digital asset, but with many real effects! Don't believe us? We'll show you how useful it is to manage these valuable cryptoassets.

Now we must set about the task of better understanding how to get the cryptocurrency of our interest. For this there are several options. Although it may sound old-fashioned, it is possible to find stores or people who accept cash payments or bank transfers in exchange for an agreed amount of one or another cryptocurrency, sometimes with unfavorable exchange rates for the buyer. Another option is to buy cryptocurrencies through an exchange, in other words, in a virtual crypto market of a third party, in which it is necessary to register and go through a verification process.

Once the method of acquiring the desired cryptocurrency has been selected, two questions must be solved: how to pay for the cryptocurrency and where to store it. Among the payment methods we find from the use of cash, a payment card or a credit card to the traditional bank transfer. As for the storage of the cryptocurrency, we must have an electronic wallet that allows us to specifically store these cryptoassets. In this case we have the possibility of using two types of wallet, a hot wallet and a cold wallet. In order not to confuse us with complex terms, the hot one has lower security standards but is more flexible, since it allows us to store cryptocurrencies and transfer them quickly to another wallet, as if we were sending an email; and the cold one is more secure but less flexible, since it stores the assets outside the Blockchain network and the internet, preventing their immediate transfer. And yes, in any case we once again have to register and go through a verification process in another service.

At Blackcatcard we understand that this whole process can be exhausting, especially for those who have no experience in the crypto world. That's why we decided to integrate in our Blackcatcard app our partner’s exchange service*, where you can sell your cash for crypto, and we developed a solution that integrates all these steps in a single virtual space. A couple of clicks will be enough for you to get your crypto in comfortable, simple and very secure conditions!

With us you only have to access our Blackcatcard app and follow these three simple steps:

  1. Top up the fiat account in the app with Euros;
  2. Exchange fiat to crypto with one click;
  3. An equivalent in crypto is credited quickly to the crypto account. That’s it. Isn't it the easiest and fastest way to buy crypto?

Best of all, thanks to this efficient tool we offer you the competitive rates in the market:

Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Tether (USDT)
Min. amount per transfer 0,001 BTC 0,1 ETH 15 USDT
Max. amount per transfer 0,2 BTC 2 ETH 10 000 USDT
Blockchain fee for internal transfers 0
Blockchain fee for external transfers 0,0005 BTC 0,007 ETH 4 USDT
Limits on buying/selling cryptocurrencies Daily € 2 000 / Monthly € 10 000

In our app you can convert cash into BTC, ETH, and USDT, in other words we offer the most wanted cryptocurrencies in the market at the competitive prices.

In order for you to acquire your cryptocurrencies we provide you with top up methods such as SEPA and card-to-card transfer without any limits.

And don't worry! Thanks to our bank-level security your cryptoassets will be safe with us. That is, your cryptocurrencies are protected in the same way as your funds in Euros. This castodial wallet is ideal for those who want to manage their crypto quickly and safely. And if you forget your password, you do not take the risk of losing your assets, as you would with a cold wallet. Simply contact our 24/7 support team and restore your access.

Well, what's the point of all this? Honestly, the list could be endless. We can find users instantly sending and receiving cryptocurrencies to their friends and family. For this purpose we allow crypto transfers between Blackcatcard users without any commission; and in order not to confuse us with long addresses of the wallets to which we transfer, we enable the option of sending to a phone number from our contact list, quite convenient, isn't it?

*An integrated crypto exchange and custodial crypto wallets are provided by our partner Manerio UAB. You can find more information here.


Can I buy crypto with euros?

Yes, through our Blackcatcard app.

Can I buy crypto directly from my bank account?

Yes, with payment methods such as SEPA and card-to-card transfer.

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