The importance of giving the correct address when registering and sending the correct PoA

Jul 11, 2023
6 min

Why is it important to give my correct address when I register with Blackcatcard?

It is important to pay attention to the address you give us in order to successfully access our financial products. The first time you give us your address is during registration, literally the first step.

The second and equally important stage is during the confirmation of your address of residence. For this step it is important that you have with you a Proof of Address (PoA), which must match the one you gave during the first step. That is why we recommend that you keep in mind, even before you register for the first time, the address of the PoA, so that you can provide the same real and current information both during registration and during the verification of your address.

It happens quite often among our clients, that someone does not pay much attention or does not give enough importance to correctly indicate this address at the first moment and indicates an invented or simply incorrect address. Then, when we confirm the client's address, requesting to submit a Proof of Address, the user indicates the address of this PoA, which does not match the first one entered during registration. Of course this causes a problem, which makes it difficult to correctly verify the identity of our new client.

Our commitment is to offer the greatest ease from the first step of opening an account with us, to enhance the user experience. Therefore, from registration to verification you will find a user-friendly interface that will make all the steps easier.

Although we are a neobank, and therefore we operate 100% online, we require your real residence address. This way you will be able to access our banking service and receive our correspondence via mail, and believe us, it will be very useful for you! This way you will be able to receive your payment cards, physical statements, among other documents requested by you.

For this reason it is important that your information is real and up to date. It is possible that at least once in our life some website asked us for information about us, for example full name, phone number, email, residence address. And if so, possibly many of us have given incorrect data because we do not give the utmost importance to the website that asks us for the information or we simply do not want to for no reason.

But regarding banking, we recommend you not to take lightly the information you provide as your address of residence. At Blackcatcard we will ask you to be very responsible and honest when giving your data. This way we can confirm that it is indeed you who needs to access our financial services.

If the address you provided during registration does not correspond to the one you give us as PoA, it will be impossible to give you access to the world of financial possibilities we have for you at Blackcatcard. This is because our products are fully available only to clients residing in the European Economic Area. Our users in other regions may find themselves with some restrictions.

What do we recommend to start enjoying your financial freedom at Blackcatcard?

First of all, we advise you to be prepared to enjoy an online banking designed to your needs and make the most of everything we have prepared for you. To do this, you must indicate the correct and updated address where you live and prepare a document that serves as PoA, that is, as a support for that information. What document serves as PoA? In fact there are several that contain the address of residence, and we are sure that many of you have at least one at hand, for example:

  • Bank statement (not older than 3 months);
  • Utility bill, e.g. for gas, water, electricity, among others (not older than 3 months);
  • A letter or certification issued by a municipal or state authority;
  • Current lease agreement;
  • A certificate issued by the employer;
  • House purchase deed.

In fact, in some cases passports or National Identification Documents may contain information on the place of residence, which may serve as PoA. Please note that there are documents such as bank statements and property purchase agreements that do NOT serve as PoA for a very simple reason - they do not contain your address. So make sure that in the document you submit as PoA your residence address is expressly written on it.

On the other hand, users often make the mistake of not filling out the information completely. For example, in the PoA is the complete address, including city, street, house or apartment number, name of the residential complex, among other information; but the user forgets to indicate the street or house or apartment number. So pay close attention to your PoA. If you give us the complete information of your residence address as it is in the PoA during registration and verification, you will not have any inconvenience.

If you meet these requirements, you will only have to start enjoying 100% of the best online banking that we can offer you at Blackcatcard. Actually, what motivates us the most is the satisfaction of our users. We are driven by the desire to expand our products as far as necessary so that everyone has access to quality financial services at a fair price.


Is it mandatory to give real information about my place of residence when registering with Blackcatcard?

Yes, you must give us your real and updated information, not only about your place of residence, but everything you find during the registration, so we can correctly verify your identity.

What is a Proof of Address?

It is a document that can certify that the address you provide is real and current.

What can I use as PoA?

There are several. Among the most used are bank statements, utility bills, current lease agreement and house purchase deeds.

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